Can a security system really help make your workplace healthier and safer?

Aug 20, 2020

Seemingly, the continuing threat of the Coronavirus is something that may be around for some time into the future. And while many are holding out hope of a vaccine to get life back to normal, there is speculation that maybe things might not get quite back to the way they were completely anytime soon.

While we all hold hope that dining out with families and friends at cafes and restaurants will soon be the norm again, the way we interact in the workplace may have changed for good. Coming to work when feeling sick or ill may no longer be acceptable. The hygiene practices of staff and visitors may have to be much more closely scrutinised and monitored. And could we have seen the death of Friday afternoon work drinks with shared nibble plates 😧!

Many businesses are not only changing the way they operate due to the current restrictions but are preparing for what may become the new ‘normal’. Thankfully, technology (and in particular technology in security systems) can play a large part in assisting businesses make this transition. Here’s our list of some of those latest security technologies that have been helping make workplaces safer, not only during this pandemic, but long into the future:

Fever Testing

Thermal imaging cameras have been used in video surveillance systems for detecting the body heat patterns of intruders (or escapees) from long distances and in total darkness for a long time now. But whereas they were once just the domain of military bases, airports, and prisons due to the high price tag, they are now far more commonly available and widely used due to advances in technology and a drop in price. And during this pandemic they are being adapted to screen visitors entering a building for elevated body temperatures, which can be a key indicator for someone who is unwell or suffering a fever.

There’s a lot of conjecture in the security industry at the moment about how accurate this thermal screening technology is, with some camera manufacturers claiming to have a measurement of accuracy of ± 0.3C. But that’s in a perfect testing environment with a constant backdrop temperature. And as we all know, in real life nothing is that perfect and this method of fever screening can lead to a lot of false positives. However, it can be used to great effect in high traffic areas to alert staff that a secondary and more accurate medical test my need to be carried out on someone before they enter the building.

Mask Detection

Whilst we’re sure you agree, we certainly hope that the wearing of masks out in public is not here to stay, but maybe the requirement for them in the workplace has changed for good. Much like how high-visibility clothing is now mandatory in construction sites, or how hair nets must be worn in food production area, maybe masks will become commonplace in some areas.

Again, video surveillance cameras can play a critical role in ensuring that the correct PPE (personal protective equipment) such as masks are used in and around the workplace. Video analytics and deep learning AI cameras can be used to immediately detect if someone is entering an area without a mask. And then an action can be created such as emailing a member of staff a screen shot of the person to let them know of break the in protocol, or activating a speaker to sound a friendly reminder to wear the correct PPE in the area that they are about to enter. Or an operator of a CCTV system can efficiently search video footage filtering out anyone who was wearing a mask and identifying those who weren’t.

Contactless Entry

The current pandemic has highlighted the need for improved hygiene in and around the workplace, washing and sanitising hands and being careful about what you touch. So arguably the less things that must be touched during the course of a day is desirable. But what about the entrance into a building, or an office door, how do you stop you and every other member of the work force making contact multiple times a day?

This is where security technology can also play a crucial role in increased hygiene practices. Mobile phones with Bluetooth technology, or facial recognition cameras can be used to provide secure and contactless entry into and throughout a workplace. Replacing the traditional access card, PIN code or lock & key method, all of which require contact of some kind. And contactless exit buttons and motion detectors can be used to replace handles and pushbuttons for providing egress out of a building.

Occupancy Monitoring

Many workplaces are restricted to the numbers of staff or visitors they are allowed onto site at any one time and are having to use up additional resources to scrupulously monitor foot traffic (typically using hand held head-counters – think of the little clickers doorman use at the entrance to nightclubs). But CCTV technology using video analytics and deep learning AI (artificial intelligence) can be easily and quickly implemented to provide a more efficient and accurate count of personnel in a building. The smarts in these cameras can be used to count how many people have entered or exited a building, providing a real-time tally of the number of people onsite. Thresholds and parameters can be set so that key staff are emailed an alert if there are too many people onsite, or a display screen can be used to tell new arrivals to wait before entering until someone else departs.

At Red Flag System we’re specialists in commercial security solutions. If you have concerns over how you can better protect the safety and wellbeing of the staff and visitors that come to your workplace, feel free to give us a call on 1300 685 504 to see if we have a security solution that can help you and you business.

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