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Retail Security

Shop stealing or shop theft is widespread in retail establishments and it’s estimated that a 2-3 per cent loss of sales due to theft can amount to a 25 per cent loss in profit. For smaller establishments or those on tight margins, shop theft not only affects their productivity and competitiveness but can also threaten their economic existence. Unfortunately, shop theft is rarely regarded as a serious crime (we try to avoid the term shoplifting as this trivialises the offence) and some argue that it is a “victimless crime”, but for retailers, it is a major issue.

No matter what type of retail space your business occupies, at Red Flag Systems we have the expertise to help ensure that your valued assets are kept secure. Whether it’s helping prevent stock shrinkage from theft when your business is open, or to detecting intruders and burglaries when your business is closed, we have a range of video surveillance and intruder detection systems to suit your needs.


Video surveillance and CCTV systems are a powerful tool in the phycological battle with criminals, changing the balance where the reward of committing the crime becomes far outweighed by the risk of being caught. Video cameras installed in a retail store help send a message that if you steal from us, you will be caught. And they provide security and safety for staff, helping monitor and record customer interactions and financial transactions.

At Red Flag Systems we like to believe that our customer’s rest that little bit easier and sleep a little bit better, safe in the knowledge that when their customers and staff have left for the day, their business remains protected by one of our monitored intruder alarm system. With any attempted burglaries being detected immediately and triggering a rapid response from keyholders and security guards.


Frontline employees often find themselves on the receiving end of abuse which can sometimes escalate into physical violence when dealing with complaints from disgruntled customers. Other flash points include confronting shoplifters, refusing to sell age restricted goods such as alcohol, or high-value items being targeted by career criminals.

At Red Flag System we understand that protecting staff is paramount for maintaining the safety and morale of your employees. That’s why we install a range of electronic security systems such as silent duress alarms that raise a warning to an escalating threat, ensuring that frontline staff have instant access to back-up support.


The investment in video surveillance can provide many more benefits than simply detecting crime and identifying criminals, and the data captured from cameras can be used to provide powerful business insights. We install people-counting cameras that calculate real-time data on the number of customers that walked through a shop door, providing powerful statistics which help our customers identify high performing sales staff or evaluate the success of a marketing campaign. The data from a heat-mapping camera delivers a strong understanding on how customers interact with a store, providing valuable information on which aisles are visited most, or maybe which areas of floor space are currently underutilised. And using the latest deep-learning AI technology, our cameras can provide powerful business intelligence by identifying the gender and age of customers visiting a store – providing remarkable retail insights that helps put our customers ahead of their competition.

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