How a remote monitoring service provides 24/7 off-site security for your business

Jun 24, 2019

Unless you manage a facility that is large enough or can afford to have an on-site security presence such as security guards or a gate house, then your business is likely to be vulnerable to intruders and other threats to your security when your operations close and the staff go home for the night.

A remote monitoring service, sometimes know as back-to-base monitoring, is an off-site control room with trained operators that monitors your facility 24/7 for breaches to security and quickly raise the alarm and initiates a response. Notifying key holders, dispatching a security patrol, or even calling the authorities.

Typically, an alarm system is used to trigger a reaction from the control room, where a motion sensor or other type of detection device is used to sense an intruder. An alarm system can be connected to the control room wirelessly, over the internet, or via a dedicated telephone line and alarm events are quickly presented to an operator for them to action. This guarantees that if someone breaks into your building there will be a rapid response.

A monitoring station can scrutinise the open and closing times of your business, so that say if a staff member hasn’t armed the alarm system at the end of the day, the relevant keyholders will be notified. Ensuring that your business is never left vulnerable due to a forgetful staff member not switching on the alarm on when they leave. And likewise, if the alarm system isn’t switched off by a certain time in the morning or is switched off before it’s supposed to be an alert can be raised to notify you of a potential issue.


More Than just Security

A remote monitoring service is not only limited to detecting intruders. Duress alarms linked directly to the control room allow staff members to quickly raise the alarm and initiate a response if they feel under threat from a customer.

Temperature sensors can be used to monitor cool rooms and refrigerators so that valuable stock isn’t damaged from a power outage or an equipment failure. Water sensors can be used to monitor floods, plant alarms can be used to monitor generators, smoke sensors to monitor fires. The control room can observe all of these and much more. Providing far more value to your business than just increasing security.

Video Verification

An advanced monitoring station can also offer video surveillance of your business with a remote connection to a CCTV system. This is commonly known as remote video response (RVR), where the operators will not only receive an alert from an alarm system, but they’ll also be able to view in real-time the cause of the activation. This visually verified response allows them to provide a fast and accurate reaction – dismissing false alarms or rapidly escalating a response if a genuine robbery is in progress.

Remote video verification can also be used to provide virtual patrols of a site as an effective alternative or addition to traditional guard-based manpower. Saving costs on a physical security guard attending for a routine patrol. Or even as an on-demand virtual escort, where the control room will observe high-risk activities remotely such as lone-workers entering or leaving the premises or the delivery of cash and valuable goods.


At Red Flag Systems we have partnered with one of Australia’s leading providers of alarm monitoring so that our customers can benefit from the additional security that a 24/7 remote monitoring service can provide. If you’d like to find out more about how alarm remote monitoring can help your business, give our friendly team a call on 1300 685 504.

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