How laziness changed time and why you need to check your security system.

Oct 2, 2020

Benjamin Franklin coined the phrase “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” and advised Parisians to get up earlier during the summer months to economise on the use of candles. He proposed this be enforced by the ringing of church bells and the firing of cannonballs every morning at sunrise. I imagine that even in 18th Century France there would have been riots on the streets at the mere proposition of being made to get up early (sacré bleu!).

A century and a half later it was finally agreed that rather than asking people to wake up earlier to make the most of the summer mornings, and inevitably facing the sort of backlash that only a population of ‘not-an-early-morning-person’ can when being asked to get out of bed sooner than they would prefer 😠, it was agreed to simply just change time instead…

And so we have it, every six months, year in year out we go through the same old rigmarole of changing our clocks. No one really knowing with any certainty if the clocks are going forward or back, scratching heads to work out if that means more sleep or less, and oh the shame of turning up to the office on a Monday morning an hour before anyone else did. All just to satisfy the lazy few that won’t get out of bed a little bit earlier [editorial: this statement was later retracted by the author for fear of reprisal].

Anyone reading this below the age of 25 may not realise that pre-smartphones the changing of the time was a manual task and not something that miraculously happened overnight as if by magic. Balancing on chairs to pull clocks off walls and furiously jabbing your finger on every button of the damn microwave because you just don’t have the computer programming degree required to work out how to do it. Or simply just letting go and trusting that in 6 months, the blinking display on your car dashboard will once more be correct, and all will be right in the world.

Did I just hear someone ask what has any of this got to do with security systems? Well, I’m glad you asked because it has a lot to do with security systems. You see, a decent proportion of the security systems that are used to protect businesses from theft and crime rely on the same frustrating technology that your microwave does and may not just change automatically overnight.

Why should I care if the times are not correct on my security system? Another good question, well done. For starters, with a CCTV system it can be vital that the time stamp on the video is correct otherwise the recordings may not provide the reliable evidence required in a court of law. And if your alarm or access control system doesn’t have the correct time you may find it switching on before staff have left the building for the day or doors remaining locked when customers arrive in the morning.

So as your trusted security provider we recommend that instead of just waiting 6 months for the clocks to change again, you check the times on your security system to make sure they are right. And if they’re not and you find yourself in danger of getting lost in operators manuals or jabbing fingers at keypads, then just give us a call on 1300 685 504 and we’ll talk you though how to do it.

Oh, and just so you don’t forget the clocks go forward this weekend (that’s one hour less sleep 😩).

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