Is CCTV the right answer to help reduce crime and increase security in your business?

Mar 5, 2019

It has become one of the most widely used tools in the fight against crime. It’s assisted in thousands of police investigations and helped resolve scores of crimes that otherwise may have gone unresolved, including some recent high-profile murder cases in Melbourne.

CCTV, which is an acronym for closed-circuit television is essentially that, a closed-circuit television system, which in its most basic form consists of cameras being viewed on a TV or monitor. This is oversimplifying things of course, as modern CCTV systems can often include 1,000s of cameras, sometimes installed across different countries, with smart video analytics, gigantic processing systems and tonnes of hard drive storage. But the principles remain the same, providing the ability to monitor both in real-time and historically multiple areas at the same time.

But how can it be used in your business, and what are the benefits?

Well firstly, CCTV acts as a deterrent. And often it’s enough of a deterrent to stop a crime, which in the realms of risk management is the ultimate goal – to prevent the crime from happening in the first place.

Picture this, a would-be shoplifter is in a jewellery store on the prowl to steal a few luxury items that are out on display. The shop assistant is busy serving someone and their attention is elsewhere. How easy would it be to put that necklace in the pocket and causally walk out unnoticed? Now what if there was CCTV operating in the store. Not only does the shoplifter need to worry about the shop assistant seeing them, but what about the cameras – is anybody watching those? Will they be recognised on video once it’s realised the stock is missing? This is how CCTV wins the psychological battle with crime, changing the balance where the reward of committing the crime outweighs the risk of being caught.

CCTV not only assists in preventing and solving crime, but it can also help promote a sense of safety and security in the areas that it’s installed. As security is not just a physical entity, it’s also a state of mind in which you can feel safe when you’re actually in danger, and likewise you can feel unsafe when you are in fact safe. And CCTV can be used to great effect to make an area feel safe.

Imagine an underground carpark, storage yard, or a laneway between office buildings on a winters evening. It’s cold, dark and can feel like a scary place for your staff or visitors to be. Add some good lighting, well-placed cameras and CCTV warning signage, and suddenly this area can feel a lot safer. It’s called security theatre, putting on a show to increase security – both in the physical sense and as a state of mind.

CCTV can also be used as a tool for businesses, with modern technology and video analytics providing almost unlimited capabilities for CCTV systems. Facial identification used to grant staff access through doors, people-counting cameras used to calculate how effective advertising is to converting foot traffic into your store, thermal cameras to provide early detection of fires in storage yards and recycling plants. The possibilities go on, and far more that can be covered in this post, but CCTV can provide real benefits for businesses wanting to streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

So, to summarise, is a CCTV system right for your business?

If you want to help reduce the risk and burden of theft, crime and vandalism, or help promote safety and security to your staff and visitors, then yes.  And if you have unanswered questions about how people, vehicles or stock interact in your business, then chances are that CCTV analytics could also help provide the solution.

At Red Flag Systems we are experts at the installation of security systems. If you feel that CCTV is the right answer for you, give us a call on 1300 685 504 and we’ll talk you through our process on making your business safer, more secure and maybe a little smarter.

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