3 Security Tips to Secure Your Commercial Business

Apr 13, 2019

Crime and theft can have a serious impact on a commercial business and a single incident can have a major effect. Loss or damage to stock or assets impacts profitability, reduces staff morale, and in extreme cases can seriously threaten the ability to trade and damage a well-earned reputation.
Commercial security should be taken seriously. More seriously than just locking the front door or padlocking the gate to your business and thinking job done, it won’t happen to us. Because the statistics tell a different story, with the Australian Institute of Criminology finding that non-residential burglaries account for just 18 per cent of all burglaries, but account for 32 per cent of costs. With the average cost to a business at $4,500 per incident, the total burglary bill is estimated to be a whopping $2.43 billion per year!
At Red Flag Systems we specialise in securing commercial business from crime and theft and here are our top three tips on how to do it.

Tip 1: Invest in a monitored intruder alarm system

Most burglaries and thefts to commercial businesses occur at night or over the weekend when the business is closed and there are no staff. Alarm systems reduce the burden of crime by monitoring your business for intruders when no one is there. And a monitored alarm system can provide a rapid response in the event of an intrusion with security guards being quickly dispatched.

A monitoring service can also keep an eye on the opening or closing times to your business; you can be quickly alerted if a member of staff forgets to arm the alarm at night, fails to open the business in the morning, or accesses the building at an irregular time.

Whether your business operates in a retail store, storage yard, warehouse or industrial site, modern sensor technologies can provide swift detection of intruders without fear of false alarms. Allowing you to rest and sleep that bit easier knowing that your business is secure whilst you’re not there.

Tip 2: Install a CCTV system

When considering commercial security, the first start is to create a deterrent. While you probably want to attract customers to your business, you definitely want to deter criminals from it. Installing a CCTV system provides a visual deterrent, where the risk of being caught for an intruder can often outweigh the reward in committing the crime. And if an incident occurs in your business, CCTV can provide valuable evidence, observing those involved and assisting in identifying persons or vehicles of interest.

CCTV can be used to monitor a business’s operation; check on deliveries, audit OH&S procedures, see how busy a store is and whether staff require assistance, and much more.

Video analytics in a CCTV system can also be utilised as a business tool to help you calculate how people, vehicles or stock interact with your business (people counting cameras to assess busy periods in a shop, or thermal cameras to provide early warning of fires in a storage yard are just a couple of examples). And Smartphone technology will allow you to monitor and review the operations of your commercial business from wherever you are.

Tip 3: Restrict who goes where and when with an access control system

In risk management it is said that there are 3 types of people who will visit your commercial business; those who support the business (shareholders, founders and owners), those who oppose the business (criminals and competitors) and those who sometimes work in support and sometimes work in opposition to your business (everyone else). By far the largest segment amongst these is the latter.

An access control system simply allows you to vet, categorise and organise these people and visitors and restrict who has access to where and when in your business. Staff and visitors use a credential (such as a card, fob or PIN code) to be granted entry into and through the building. Those who support the business can be provided with unrestricted access, those who oppose are denied access, and those who sometimes work in support and sometimes work in opposition are only granted access to the areas that are relevant to their roles.

Access control systems can easily be monitored from a PC or smartphone application. Whether you need to control a single door or require a system that covers multiple building in different locations, an access control system installed in your commercial business lets the good guys in and helps keep the bad guys out.

Considering implementing commercial security in your business around Melbourne, Dandenong or the Mornington Peninsula? Speak to a commercial security expert at Red Flag Systems to discuss your business security needs. Get in touch with us today on 1300 685 504 or request a call back at the bottom of this page.



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