Can a security system really help combat crime and climate change?

Aug 16, 2019

I recently watched Sir David Attenborough’s Climate Change documentary. It was shocking to say the least. “Our greatest threat in thousands of years” David calmly proclaimed in his trademark awestruck hush voice.

“It may sound frightening, but the scientific evidence is that if we have not taken dramatic action within the next decade, we could face irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies.” It indeed did sound frightening.

And as I watched it, I questioned my impact on the climate, not only as an individual but as a business owner and a part of the security industry. The fact that we’re adding to the crisis is undeniable, but to what extent and could we do better?

Sure, we buy all our electrical security products from local sources wherever possible, we have a strict process to ensure that our waste materials are recycled instead of just ending up in landfill, and we are a 100% paperless business. But what about what we do as security installers, I wondered whether we were in an industry that was helping or hindering what Attenborough was so passionate about.

Reviewing some of the latest advances in technologies in intruder detection and video surveillance I wondered if they not only increased the security for our customers, but they may also be having a positive impact on the climate. Here’s a couple of examples in how I think we help:

Remote Video Patrols

A customer came to us recently with a dilemma. He was the owner of a multi-storey car park that was regularly being vandalised, and even though he was paying for a security guard to patrol around the car park multiple times a night the vandalism was continuing, with more and more graffiti appearing every week.

Was the security guard not doing his job properly and not carrying out his patrols when he should, or had the vandals outsmarted him and new what times he would arrive and hid from him until he’d gone?

Instinctively we knew that a CCTV system would help resolve his issue. Not only would this provide valuable evidence on the perpetrators but using virtual patrols our monitoring station would also be able to monitor the site remotely from the control room.

No longer could the vandals hide from the tell-tale sound of the patrolman’s vehicle driving around the car park. And if the control room operator spotted something untoward, they could dispatch a security guard immediately to attend to the specific threat. Instead of the current situation where a guard turned up regularly just in the hope that he would catch someone in the act.

This not only saved the customer money as he no longer needed to pay for these regular patrols, but it’s also taken a vehicle off the road, 3-times a night, 7-days a week driving to and around a multi-storey car park, resulting in a reduction in emissions.

Multiply this one example to the hundreds of businesses that are adopting the benefits of remote video verification and virtual patrols, and it’s a good case for having a positive impact on the environment.

Building Automation

I was reminded of another project that we recently completed for a large self-storage site in Melbourne. Customers can conveniently access their individual storage area 365 days a year, and the owners of the building have put a lot of consideration into making it a friendly place to visit – a large commercial building can be quite daunting to enter, especially at night when it’s dark.

Thanks to some smart integration with the security system when the customer arrives on site and enters their security code the system automatically switches on the lights for them. And likewise, when the customer leaves the security system switches the lights off.

In order to keep the building well ventilated there some larges extractor fans on the roof. There’s no need for these to run 24/7 so they switch on automatically when staff arrive at the site and disarm the office alarm system and switch off when they leave and turn the alarm system back on again.

This simple integration with the security system allows the customer to not only reduce their electricity expenses but it also helps reduce the load on the electricity grid. This technology is being rolled out in warehouses, storage yards, office buildings all over the country and is making a real difference to our impact on the environment.

Theft Prevention

This one’s difficult to quantify. How many thefts have our security systems prevented from happening and how many criminals have been deterred from targeting our customers commercial buildings because of the presence of a security system is hard to say.

But as specialists in the installation of commercial security systems we firmly believe that we make a real impact in not only providing our customers with confidence that their business is safeguarded from crime, but we also reduce the operational costs that can occur if a theft takes place.

Replacing stolen products and equipment, loss of productivity from downtime due to a theft, countless hours spent on police reports and insurance claims. Not only is this a huge drain on resources, but in a time where every bit counts, we’d like to think that by helping preventing crime, we are also reducing our burden on the environment.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help reduce the risk of crime in your business and maybe help combat the climate crisis in the process, give us a call on 1300 685 504.

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