The first objective in security risk management is to deter the criminal from attempting to breach the building’s security. The installation of a CCTV or video surveillance system helps win this psychological battle, where the increased risk of the criminal being caught can be enough to deter them from committing the crime in the first place. And if an incident occurs a CCTV system will provide valuable evidence, observing those involved and assist in identifying persons or vehicles of interest.

At Red Flag Systems we are experts at the supply and installation of CCTV systems. Whether you’re trying to deter intruders, monitor valuable assets or supervise your staff’s safety, our range of high definition IP video surveillance systems will help keep you covered.

Smart Business Analytics

CCTV can also be used as a tool for businesses, with modern technology and video analytics providing almost unlimited capabilities for CCTV systems. Facial identification used to grant staff access through doors, people-counting cameras used to calculate how effective advertising is to converting foot traffic into your store, thermal cameras to provide early detection of fires in storage yards and recycling plants. The list and possibilities of what CCTV can do to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency are almost endless.

Video Verification

Our control room provides more much than just monitoring and responding to alarm systems, they can also monitor your CCTV system. Using a technology called RVR (remote video response) the operators will not only receive an alert from an alarm system but using a secure link to your CCTV system they’ll also be able to view in real-time the cause of the activation. This visually verified response allows them to provide a fast and accurate reaction – dismissing false alarms or rapidly escalating a response if a genuine robbery is in progress.

Virtual Patrols

Virtual patrols are an effective alternative or addition to traditional guard-based manpower. Saving costs on physical security guards our monitoring station can carry out ‘remote’ patrols by regularly reviewing live video from your business. Any suspicious or unlawful activity detected can then be quickly acted upon by the control room – despatching security patrols, contacting keyholders or notifying the authorities. This service can also be used as an on-demand virtual escort, where the control room will observe high-risk activities remotely such as lone-workers entering or leaving the premises or the delivery of cash and valuable goods.


Red Flag Systems are CCTV experts. Our high-quality alarm systems, skilled technicians and disciplined installation techniques means that our systems will stand the test of time – something we back with a 3-year warranty!

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